Welcome to Ishikawa's laboratory!

Ishikawa laboratory handles image processing, AI (Artificial Intelligence), elemental technology of speech recognition and software that applies them. In recent years, AI has been used in many situations, but these are supported by many elemental technologies such as deep learning. Our laboratory will continue to contribute to the technological development of these industries.


Welcome to the homepage of Ishikawa laboratory. In our laboratory, there is a very lively place where you can exchange ideas and study each other regardless of your position. Students belong to the laboratory and belong to each research team, but without being confined to it, whatever you were interested in beyond the boundaries of the team, reach out to your own research We want to deepen the range. Industry-academia collaboration is also actively carried out, and in recent years collaborative research with XXX and YYY has been carried out to actively communicate to industry. We want to contribute not only to theory but also to services that actually help society. Please feel free to contact info@xxxxx.xx if you have any interest in our research theme. We'll be expecting you.


In the Iikubo laboratory, we are mainly studying sentence classification and sentence analysis using natural language processing technology and extraction of items from image classification and video by image analysis. In addition, for text classification and analysis, we have developed a hybrid method combining the latest deep learning method and the rule base according to the purpose.
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